539233_4030729980739_1216027922_n.jpgI feel your touch, I want to memorize it.
For eternity.

Your skin’s plumpness under mine,
the way your hand moves on my forehead,
your wrinkles soft, cold, silky, saggy.

I hear you laugh, heartily, with all you have.
I relish it.
The timber of your voice, deep, throaty.
that gleam in your eyes, the way they crinkle on the sides
when you really laugh.

I soak it all in.
I see you breathe; I now know it’s a luxury.
Won’t last forever.

At times, I give you a soft nudge,
when you are sleeping deeply.
Just to see the rise and fall of your chest again.

Even if for a fleeting moment, it gives me peace.


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