Be Proud..

556537_10150858802338775_730008774_9762667_1452808584_nNo matter who you are and what you do, if you have put in a sincere attempt at living life, YOU HAVE TO BE PROUD. You have to be PROUD of how far you have come and what the future, that you helped create, holds for you. So what if you made mistakes along the way? Repent, learn your lesson and then move on. Because life will, anyhow. Be your CHAMPION and not your CRITIC; the world is full of people who want to be the latter. Remember that COMPARISONS are pointless, but if you must, compare yourself with YOU at YOUR BEST. That’s really the only comparison that makes any sense. APPRECIATE that a lot about life is out of your control. At the end of the day if you can tell yourself, I DID THE BEST I COULD, that’s all that matters. REALLY!


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