How Can An Individual Combat This Prevalent ‘Rape Culture’?

As the victim of the gruesome gangrape incident in Delhi battles for precious life, we, a nation of armchair activists, are busy getting outraged. We complain about the lax law and order situation, we lament ‘ki kuch nahin ho sakta’, we offer what we think are perfect solutions to the situation if only someone would implement them. But no one will; and women will continue to be molested, raped and maimed.pic

Because the truth is that change begins at home. Our home. You and me are as much a part of this society, as were those girl’s rapists. As a friend of mine said this morning:

While WE DEMAND quick and strict action against the perpetrators, we need to reflect …Ram Singh and Mukesh were not created in a day…”

Indeed. Every time you have laughed at a rape joke, every time you have spoken about women in terms of boobs and ass, every time you have told your son to be stop being a ‘sissy’, every time you have used the term ‘easy’ to describe a girl; you have contributed to the culture of rape that plagues this country.

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