How does a mother react to a rapist son?

mother_sonSometimes I wonder about the mothers of convicted rapists. What goes through their minds, when they hear about their dear, little boys committing such a dastardly act? Regarding and reducing another person, one who shares their mother’s gender, to just meat with no humanity, no dignity, and no voice. Are they able to see their sons in the same light ever again? Do all/most of them, against their better judgment and due to a biased heart, blame the other woman? And for those who don’t, what does it take to stand up and say “Yes punish my son, he’s guilty?  He’s guilty of treating a woman as I would never have wanted myself to be treated.” And does she then forever blame herself for an upbringing that wasn’t just her fault alone but also that of the fathers, of the family, of the society? Does she stay up the nights wondering where she as a WOMAN went wrong in teaching her son the value of and respect for womanhood?

Does she not, in a way, feel like a victim of that rape herself?

Yes, sometimes I wonder. As the mother of a son, I wonder.


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