I am pregnant not terminally ill by Lalita Iyer

Lalita Iyer’s I Am Pregnant not Terminally Ill You Idiot is a book that should be assigned as mandatory reading for any woman planning to undertake the life altering “mommyhood” journey.

downloadI personally believe that a large number of aspiring mommies would change their hormone addled minds in under a minute, if they REALLY knew what they were in for with this whole “having a baby thing”. And this book does a great job of laying bare all those not so fun details that no Hallmark card ever tells you.

But jokes apart, IAPNTUI is a delightful read, infused by Iyer’s characteristic wit and no nonsense approach. She asks and answers important questions (natural/assisted deliveries, work life balance, my-baby-better-than- yours mommy wars.) She offers practical information (pregnancy fashion, dealing with family, saying NO, and maid politics). And none of it in the standard, clinical “what to expect when you are expecting manner, but in a fun, relate-able, non-preachy way.

My favorite parts of course are where she calls out a lot of the BS that goes with the territory. The chapter on the “Myth of the Hands on Daddy” is a good instance. As Iyer says, “Changing a diaper doth not a hands-on daddy make”.

A few chapters feel a bit stretched and could have been snappier. But all in all a fantastic, rib-tickling, “Oh I have so been there” read. So go buy it, read it, gift it to our mommy friends, would be mommy friends, never want to be mommy friends and have a laugh together. ..


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